Finish Options

Beeswax/Linseed Oil

Our standard finish is a combination of beeswax/linseed oil and polyurethane. This Beeswax finish creates a natural soft appeal to the piece. All the tops of an Aspen product will be hand-brushed polyurethane for maximum protection of the wood. The rest of the piece is hand-rubbed with a beeswax and linseed oil combination.

All Poly

The water based polyurethane all poly option is distibuted over the Aspen piece and will be hand-brushed with polyurethane for maximum protection of the wood. The polyurethane finish creates a shine to an already unique piece.

Golden Poly

Hand rubbed Beeswax/Linseed Oil followed by hand brushed water-based polyurethane creates an enhanced glossy shine that glows.

Bronze Aspen

Our Bronze Aspen Finish will have a darker stained look to the finished product. All of the bronze stained piece will then have the water based polyurethane finish applied.